Top 7 Honeymoon Hot Spots in the World

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The very next thing that comes to the mind of a newly wedded couple is short-listing their preferred honeymoon destinations. With options that range from exotic European cities to the sunny tropics, it is quite a tough nut to crack. Being a difficult task to select among the top honeymoon hot spots there are always sources which make it easier to choose the one for you.

1. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

One of Europe’s most beautiful coasts, this is a newly wedded couple’s paradise. The Island hopping from Trogir to Brac to Hvarwhile rounding up the whole trip at Dubrovnik would be an amazing option for the lovers. Located near the Old City, the perfect choice would be to find a room at the Excelsior Hotel & Spa.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

2. Istanbul, Turkey

European and Asian influences combine here to give the couple the tastes of top-notch cuisines and a unique architecture. The to-do list should include travel plans for the Hagia Sophia mosque and the Topkapi Palace. Staying at the Sari Konak Istanbul hotel will be a wise choice as it is located within a walking distance from the major historic sites.

Istanbul, Turkey

3. Maui, Hawaii

This is a place that offers exotic allure. Couples can keep them busy by taking a hula class here if they wish. Low rates, a quiet beach and a delicious restaurant are offered by The Inn at Mama.

Maui, Hawaii

4. Barcelona, Spain

Loaded with culture at every corner, the stunning port town of Barcelona can be the perfect choice for the newly married. Places to visit include the Picasso Museum, Gaudi’s Park Guell and the La Sagrada Familia. It may be a Ritz-Carlton, but it poses quite a challenge for someone trying to find anything “chain-ish” about the Hotel Arts.

Barcelona, Spain

5. Kyoto, Japan

If one is planning to visit something “ancient” for the honeymoon, then Kyoto will not disappoint them with its shrines and palaces. To-do list should include a trip to the numerous Buddhist temples nearby, the main being Kinkaku-ji and the Zen gardens. Kinmata should be the ideal recreation ground with its delicious kaiseki meals and lantern-lit garden.

Kyoto, Japan

6. Santorini, Greece

Cruise ships visit this Greek isle round-the-year that offers the visitors wonderful sceneries with a pale blue sky and a deep blue sea. Couples should engage themselves in exploring the pre-historic settlement of Akrotiri. Astra Apartments & Suites’ pool can provide the perfect romantic spot to witness the sunset. And if one gets bored of restaurants, they can cook some flavours of their own in their own kitchens.

Santorini, Greece

7. Paris, France

There is absolutely no substitute for the French capital, when it comes down to being the best honeymoon spot in the world. The search for the perfect vacation starts and ends for most of them, as they can’t help themselves in falling in love with this romantic city. One just needs to pick up cheese, baguettes and a wine bottle for a twilight park picnic.

Paris, France

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