Top 10 Deserts in the World

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Arid land masses that receive scarce rainfall are called deserts. Following the definition, dry regions that are colder may even be featured under the head of deserts. There are numerous deserts in the world where most of them have their own speciality.

1. Antarctic Desert

The entire continent of Antarctica justifies all definitions of desert and is referred to as the frozen desert or the white desert. With less than 10cm of annual rainfall and permanent ice cover, it is among the biggest deserts in the world today. It is the only desert that is not under any form of government.

Antarctic Desert

2. Atacama Desert

Nearly the entire country of Chile is covered under the Atacama Desert. Despite the dryness, it has abundant life and beauty in the southern parts. The desert alone is the chief tourism resource for the country.

Atacama Desert

3. Gobi Desert

Situated in Mongolia atop a plateau, Gobi is a popular desert on the world map. Its orange cliffs and rocks have earned the term ‘the flaming cliffs’ for the desert.

Gobi Desert

4. Kalahari Desert

Situated in southern part of Africa, Kalahari Desert conflicts the definition of desert as it receives respectable rainfall. However, the sporadic nature of rainfall does not settle on the surface and makes the region a desert.

Kalahari Desert

5. Mojave Desert

Some spectacular rock formations and the Grand Canyon characterise this desert in the United States of America. Its topography is typically mountainous but the region is threatened to lose its virginity due to urbanisation.

Mojave Desert

6. Patagonian Desert

It is situated in the country of Argentina and is the most distinctive land in South America apart from the Amazon rainforest. It is cold and has numerous historic caves with painting made by ancient men in them. Its brownish red surface and foxes moving around make the visit worth the time, effort and expense.

Patagonian Desert

7. Sahara Desert

The largest sandy desert on Earth has to have fair share of wonders to it. It stretches across various countries including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, etc. Sand dunes and slight plantation rainfall characterise this desert and the Northern part of Africa.

Sahara Desert

8. Salar de Uyuni

Being the largest salty desert on Earth, Sala de Uyuni can change anyone’s perception of a desert. It is totally flat and therefore, its crystalline surface reflects the sky and appears in various shades of blue at different time of the day and across different parts of the desert.

Salar de Uyuni

9. Thar Desert

The Great Indian Desert because of the conflict of sustaining rich biodiversity despite being a desert with conventional features is among the popular deserts in the world today. It stretches partially across India and Pakistan.

Thar Desert

10.  Wadi Rum

The best part about it is that it has claimed to be an unspoilt and the most beautiful desert on Earth. Huge mountains of sandstone and granite rocks offer breath-taking view to visitors.

Wadi Rum

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