The Top 10 Bachelor Party Spots Around the World

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The bachelor party marks the final days for the groom in which he can live his life with full freedom. Every guy who is about to get married looks forward to have his best bachelor party with friends. The following are the top 10 bachelor party spots that can make you and your friends go crazy.

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, nicknamed as the Sin City is the ultimate place for every bachelor to enjoy bachelor party with friends. The Rum Jungle Dance Club has the best dance floors where you can witness wonderful women doing acrobatics on the wires. There are many strip clubs and casinos around Las Vegas too to enjoy and indulge in some fun. Nightlife in Las Vegas will be an unforgettable one as you will love the amazing atmosphere and the beautiful women all over the city. If you are lucky enough you can even spot some of the noted Hollywood celebrities who visit this place regularly for film shoots and vacations

2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal has trendy nightclubs with an old world charm and strip clubs that offer anything and everything that you have on your mind. There are various entertainments that one can enjoy by staying in Montreal.

3. South Beach, Florida

This place is best for spending your time with your friends. The golf beaches and gambling casinos can be real fun. The beaches have a warm weather which bring that fact that there are girls walking in and around in bikinis to feast your eyes. This is one of the sexiest places on the whole planet to have a wonderful bachelor party.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok offers great entertainment for everyone who visits this place for having a bachelor party. The long standing nightlife in the European nightclubs can be exciting. There are more than 100 strip clubs around Bangkok and you can also find massage parlors to relax.

Bachelor Party

5. Ibiza, Spain

If you are a loud music lover, then you will have a great time in Ibiza. This place has the most crowded places with many wild people dancing all night long. The outdoor dance floors and the loud music can make you dance high with your friends.

6. Amsterdam, Netherland

The red light district in Amsterdam is famous for the bachelor party that takes place all night long. Amsterdam has the best nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. You can also witness young girls standing along the windows and inviting you in.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is known for tanned girls and the exciting nightlife where the party won’t stop even if the sun rises. The carnival festival lasts for four days and there will be street parties for all the four days.

8. Whistler, Canada

This spot is for people who would love to have a drink during the winters. Enjoy some adventurous skiing on the slopes of Whistler and you can have fun at the wild night clubs that have an upbeat crowd dancing all night.

9. Scottsdale, Arizona

This place is known for the vibrant nightlife and golf courses that make the perfect bachelor party spot and a must-visit place for golf lovers. You can play on the golf courses all day and party in the clubs all night.

10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The phenomenal beaches, class diving spots and golf courses make Cabo San Lucas one of the best bachelor party spots. The real fun starts in the midnight at the clubs.

These are a few best bachelor party spots around the world that every one wants to visit once in their lifetime to have a dazzling party and fun time with their friends before taking the wedding vows.

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