The Best Nightlife Cities Around the World

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World’s best nightlife cities are not only the most visited ones but are considered to be the dream boats from where one can start their voyage. Culture is exchanged over partying, between strobe lights flashes. These iconic cities come alive only when the clock strikes one and the lights go out.


The Red Light District of this place rules supreme as far as world’s best nightlife cities are concerned. But there are quite a few venues spread throughout this city that offer some exceptional late night experiences as well. ‘The Movies’ is one of them where movie lovers need to pay a visit at least once. Moreover, after getting a fill of the indie films, one can walk right next door to its restaurant and bar. Other places worthy visiting include ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Wynand Fockink’.


A trip to this city will remain incomplete if one doesn’t visit Moulin Rouge. While tasting sample cuisine and sipping champagne, one gets to watch cabaret shows here. Another one is ‘Club Silencio’, an exclusive nightclub of filmmaker David Lynch. Now if one is lucky enough, they might get the chance to rub shoulders with some of Hollywood’s glitterati.

Best Nightlife Cities Around the World


Here, the nightlife starts a bit late, with clubs straying open until the wee hours the next morning. ‘Gregory’s’ is one of Rome’s most celebrated dinner clubs and jazz bars. Just off Piazza Navona is the wine bar, ‘II Piccolo’. The setting is perfect to see people roaming around the streets and will have one lingering in genuine Roman style.

Las Vegas

Offering a unique experience altogether, Las Vegas would feature in any list of world’s best nightlife cities. In Sin City, there is no scarcity of nightlife activities, with new clubs sprouting up almost every day, and casinos and bars dotting every corner. Cosmopolitan Hotel’s ‘Vesper Bar’ is a top draw, with a sophisticated and upscale setting. Now if someone is looking for something lively, then ‘PURE’ can be their best bet.


This place has something for everyone – from swanky boutique bars to comedy cabarets. ‘Blue Bar’ is an upscale cocktail spot, offering an inventive men and live jazz music. ‘Jerusalem Tavern’ can be visited for some traditional pub experience. For culture and arts aficionados, a must-visit place is ‘Royal Opera House’. Nightly performances are hosted by this venue, including classic opera and ballets.


Known for its rowdy after-hours, Bangkok features numerous upscale locales that present a more urbane late-night experience. State Tower’s rooftop cocktail lounge, ‘Sky Bar’ offers panoramic views of the entire city. The only absinthe bar of the city, “Le Derriere” offers an intimate drinking experience.


One of the world’s best nightlife cities, visitors can find anything and everything here – from bars and live music to Japanese Kabuki shows. ‘Sweet Basil 139’ is for the music lovers, featuring both international and national acts. For a more colourful experience, one can visit ‘Kamiya Bar’.

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