Rhine Valley Railway Line (Rheintalbahn)

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The railway line going through Mannheim – Karlsruhe – Basel, also known as the Valley of the Rhine, is a railroad track that runs from Basel to Karlsruhe through Freiburg and Karlsruhe from Mannheim via Heidelberg and forms part of the main lines of the region along the line from Basel to Konstanz. In addition, the stretch from Karlsruhe to Appenweier that continues to Estrassburgo, is part of the high speed east as the trains run by TVG (Train Vitesse Grand) to Paris.

This, although there are still some parts to finish building, German High Speed ​​line was included with the launch in late 2012 of the Katzenberg tunnel, located between the towns of Weil am Rhein and Bad Bellingen. This 9.3 Km tunnel was built to increase the capacity of this line and to reduce commuting time in the case of high speed trains such as ICE (Intercity Express). As mentioned in other lines passing through Basel the railway line begins in the station of Bahnhof Basel Badischer extraterritorial station in Switzerland and belongs to the German state and is managed by the German company DB.

Rhine Valley Railway Line

The length of the direct path of the High speed train ICE from Basel to Mannheim is about 2 hours with the following stops: Freiburg Hbf, Offenburg and Karlsruhe Hbf. The Hbf indicates that it is a main station.

Places to visit on the route from Basel to Mannheim include the Weil am Rhein, Mülheim, Bad Krozingen, Freiburg, Lahr, Offenburg, Achern, Baden, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Mannheim and many more. All of them are great destinations worth seeing at least once and eurostar railways offer that at a very affordable cost. They are a very important part of Germany that is recommended for everyone.

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