The 10 Best Nudist Resorts in the World

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Clothing is absolutely optional in the best nudist resorts in the world. These naturist campgrounds are not only family- friendly, but can be used to rev up the sex drive as well.

1. Sunland Holiday Village

Sunland Holiday Village

Regarded as the best nudist resort in the world, it is the first and only naturist resort in Australia. Naturist lifestyle is strictly followed by the resort, simply meaning mixing in with nature without the requirement of wearing any clothes.

2. Garden of Eden, Panama

Garden of Eden, Panama

The dress code of this place is quite similar to that of Adam and Eve’s. This resort features in almost every nudist resorts list because of the surprisingly reasonable rates against which it offers its three rooms. One can do anything here- from lying in a hammock to kayaking. The resort is entirely private, enchanting and gives one the opportunity in living out every bit of their fantasy.

3. Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire

Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire

It features one of Caribbean’s topmost clothing-optional beaches. Located on the island’s south- eastern edge, Sorobon Resort consists of 30 cottages and numerous other activities. Tourists here can windsurf and dive, snorkel, get a massage, sunbathe or do yoga, or check out the fauna and flora in the gardens.

4. Reinert, Luxembourg

Reinert, Luxembourg

There is no water body anywhere near to it but is a paradise for those who plan to amalgamate sports with clothing- free lifestyle. One can enjoy football and badminton, in addition to a trampoline and an adventure park.

5. Desire Resort & Spa, Mexico

Desire Resort & Spa, Mexico

Everything here serves one and one purpose only- exciting and arousing, with its burlesque theme nights and shows to clothing- optional beaches. Limited only to adult couples, the place still retains a welcoming atmosphere with an all-inclusive design leaving no time for anything else other than continuing or rekindling the passion.

6. Quinta da Horta, Portugal

Quinta da Horta, Portugal

This place is only for a certain type of nudist as it emphasises on easing the carbon footprint and creating a feeling of community. List of features include pool, sauna and a library.

7. La Jenny, France

La Jenny, France

One of the most popular and best nudist resorts in the world, it is open for the nudists from spring through to fall, with visitors being allowed to wear anything they are comfortable in. Here, one can choose to get spoiled at the spa, chill out under pine trees or participate in numerous fitness programs.

8. Recanto Paraiso, Brazil

Recanto Paraiso, Brazil

Surrounded by blue skies and lush mountains, this is the perfect place to find inner peace. One of Brazil’s biggest resorts, it offers both camping areas and roomy chalets. It also works as a haven if one if one is planning to stay away from urban annoyances.

9. Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic

caliente caribe dominican republic

Besides offering erotic cruises, it set asides several weeks every year solely for nudists. Things are kept low- key by the attentive staff, with each room overlooking the sparkling Caribbean.

10. Bali Au Naturel, Indonesia

Bali Au Naturel, Indonesia

Regarded among the best nudist resorts in the world it faces a black sand beach where tourists can lie out or dive around and snorkel in the coral reef. This gay-owned resort features amenities like canoes, sauna, gym, massage rooms and canoes.

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