10 Strange Tourist Attractions in Japan

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Japan is rich in history and culture but the country in the present age has an equally quirky side too. From being the robotics capital of the World to some utterly strange foods, Japan has diverse aspects for visitors to explore. The 10 strange tourist attractions in Japan are only examples of how much the land of the rising sun can offer beyond expectation.

1. 8 Hells of Beppu

8 Hells of Beppu

This is a place to witness Natural phenomena at their strangest. This strange tourist attraction in Japan is popular for Monster Mountain Hell, hot red water, mud bubbles and sea hell blue water, each at a different spot. The entire town always remains covered in thick steam. Crocodiles are not to be forgotten either.

2. Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels actually have stacked capsules, which are sleeping rooms. These strange tourist attractions in Japan are known to provide experience of being in a coffin. Rooms measure 6-7 feet x 3-4 feet and are generally booked in weekends.

3. Cat Island

Cat Island

Cat Island is an island in Miyagi, where it is believed that breeding and feeding cats brings good fortune and wealth. There are more cats on this island than there are humans. Incredibly, there is even a cat shrine on the island.

4. Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park

This strange tourist attraction in Japan is rather a continuous Natural phenomenon than a manmade serendipity. The area with rising steam from hot springs near Nagano and boiling water popping over frozen ground seems to be loved by Snow Monkeys who seem to enjoy the spring and relax around it.

5. Meguro Parasite Museum

Meguro Parasite Museum

If the name does not sound creepy, facts would. It contains 45,000 specimens of parasites including the longest tapeworm ever measured.

6. Makomanai Takino

Makomanai Takino

It is cemetery in Hokkaido. Replica of Stonehenge and Moai statues are the reasons why this places is among strange tourist attractions in Japan.

7. Odaiba Island

Odaiba Island

This typical Japanese shopping zone is worth mention due the odd surprises it has for visitors. Replica of the Statue of Liberty, ramen theme park, Edo bathhouse, etc. is some of the attractions to be searched in this strange tourist attraction in Japan.

8. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant

Decorated with mirrors, video screen and neon lights, this strange tourist attraction in Japan is famous for 3-hour show in which, err, bikini-clad servers battle with robots. The pre-packed meal offered at the restaurant does the work of ‘chilli on wound’ at ¥5000.

9. Yoro Park

Yoro Park

The Site of Reversible Destiny is particularly the part to be visited in Yoro Park. It was opened by an art organisation in 1995 and intends to challenge spiritual and physical orientation of people in this World.

10. Yunessun Spa

Yunessun Spa

The wine, coffee and green tea baths are the strange factors among the 24 water facilities in Yunessun spa. A dip at Wine bath cost ¥2800 while a drink of wine is exponentially more expensive. The spa is in Hot Springs Resort in Hakone.

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