Top 10 Unusual Gardens Around the World

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Gardens have always been place of beauty and harmony and there are many unusual gardens all over the planet that stand apart from one another in myriad ways. Here is the list of top 10 unusual gardens around the globe and which reflect artistic endeavors and creative excellence.

1. Las Pozas, Mexico

Las Pozas, Mexico

This garden was the brainchild of poet and artist Edward James who in the pursuit of his own ‘Eden of Garden’ converted the coffee plantation into a beautiful garden which is right at the bottom of the Mexican jungle with man-made pools and waterfalls along with some intrinsic plants.

2. Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

This one is a masterpiece of an architect called Charles Jencks who built it at the private space of his home, since science and mathematics have a heavy influence on the way landscape has been designed it is for this very reason that makes it to the unusual count-list.

3. Rock Garden of Chandigarh, India

Rock Garden of Chandigarh, India

This garden started as the secret design on the conserved and restricted land by public worker called Chand in mid-1950’s, who kept the work unknown for public for two decades and made sculptures out of recycled ceramic from industrial and household waste across the city. This is spread over an impressive and massive area of 40 acres.

4. Forestiere Underground Gardens, California

Forestiere Underground Gardens, California

Baldasere Forestiere built this garden for over forty years until his death in 1946. The three tier underground garden was built to escape the sweltering heat of Fresco and consists of rooms, fish ponds and separate territory for firework.

5. Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, Norway

Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, Norway

It has a large collection of Arctic and alpine plants including the African and South American varieties of plants.

6. Tarot Garden, Italy

Tarot Garden, Italy

This is another epitome and successful attempt at creating another ‘Eden’ on Earth by French artist Nikke De Saint Phalle who created the striking sculptures like the Empress, The Tree of Life, The Devil, The Magician, etc., in the garden which reflects both beauty and creativity.

7. Poison Gardens, England

Poison Gardens, England

What makes it unusual is the poisonous variety of plants like the night drake and the deadly nightshade present here, it is a property of duchess of Northumberland.

8. The Majorelle Garden, Morocco

The Majorelle Garden, Morocco

Made in 1920’s and owned by the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent from 1980 until his death in 2008, the garden boasts of exotic plants, pools, personal African textiles collection of the designer and paintings of the constructor of the masterpiece Majorelle.

9. The Bookworm Garden, Wisconsin

The Bookworm Garden, Wisconsin

The idea was to create a garden cum library for children with the huge collection of books they would love reading which is located according to the six themed areas and gateways.

10. Ancient City of Sigiriya, Sri-Lanka

Ancient City of Sigiriya, Sri-Lanka

It is an ancient city of terraced, boulder and water gardens and was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1980’s.

These were the top 10 unusual gardens around the world that stand apart from each other with different historical origin and creations which makes them more special, beautiful and unique.

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