Festivals Around the World in December

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The number of festivals around the world in December shows a list that is rather not countable. December is the time for revelling, for festivities, and true time to indulge in fun. A number of festivals are held all over the world in the month which makes it the most appropriate time for travelling.

1. Santa Run

Santa Run

The Santa Run Festival can be seen in Newtown, Wales, on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of December. The festival consists in dressing thousands of people in red Santa suits, which run the 7.2 kilometres course around the town of Powys.

2. Burning Devil Festival

Burning Devil Festival

Though specifically in Antigua, and yet throughout Guatemala, this Burning Devil Festival be chanced upon in December. The festival takes place on the 7th of December at 6 pm in the evening and consists of large groups of people who come to burn trash representing the burning of the demons and devils. The festival aims at scaring away the evil in the country. When the evil spirits have been disposed of, there would be music, food, and display of fireworks.

3. Chaumos


This is another famous festival held in December in the middle of the month. Chaumos is held in the 3 Kalasha valleys of Birir, Bumboret, and Rumbur. The festival takes place after the crops for the winter season have been stored. The festival is arranged by the inhabitants of Kalasha who resist the religion of Islam. Musical instruments mark the festival in Birir, but it is a cappella in the two other valleys. Breads are baked in the shape of goats by men while the women sing to Balomain, the demigod. The festival continues through four days during which the demigod stays on earth.

4. Kerstbier Beer Festival

Kerstbier Beer Festival

Kerstbier Beer Festival takes place in the middle of December every year. Held in Belgium, Essen, the festival witnesses participation from twenty regional clubs of beer tasting. The place finds more than three thousand beer lovers where each of them scrambles to taste more than one hundred different bottled beers along with one hundred different winter Brews of Belgium.

5. Mevlana Festival

Mevlana Festival

The festival celebrates the life of Calaleddin Rumi, the Sufi poet from the thirteenth century Islamic world. During the festival dervishes dance their whirl. The Mevlana festival held in December from 10th to 17thand consists mainly in commemorating the wedding night of Mevlana on the final day or December 17. The dance is calm, smooth and seems one in state of trance.

6. Bridgewater Festival of Lights

Bridgewater Festival of Lights

This festival takes place in December in Massachusetts. The festival consists in the display of countless holiday lights that consists of a hugely animated village. The festival starts on December 10 and lasts through the December 25. Admission into the festival is chargeable.

These festivals that take place around different places in the world in December mark the true revelling mood pervading the world in the cosy winter.

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