Top 10 Local Dances Around the World

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Dance is the expression of soul, unchaining of desires and a way as per many religious faiths and convictions. It is also thought as a form of devotion. What intrigues many people about the local dances is the way that has originated years and centuries ago and with time adapting to the modern suitability. It is one art that has managed to survive and entertain people and has indeed emerged as a popular form along the international standard to express their culture. Here are discussed the top 10 local dances around the world.

1. Salsa of Cuba

Salsa of Cuba

Originated in the 1920’s, it has evolved with versatile styles and is considered to be one of the coziest and romantic dances for lovers. It is easy to learn and is all about foot and hip movements.

2. Flamenco of Spain

Flamenco of Spain

An art dance originated in southern Spain in the 18th century, it massively dramatized and became more of a celebratory dance in the 19th century with lots of singing and guitar playing. Hand movements like clapping and stomping together with clothing plays an important aspect to the performance so as to allow free movements and to make them look aesthetic.

3. Samba of Brazil

Samba of Brazil

Today, this dance is a national identity which originated in the 20th century and is famously performed at Rio carnival festivals. A lively and peppy dance form, it has eight sub dance forms such as solo samba, partner ballroom samba, etc.

4. Ghoomar of Rajasthan

Ghoomar of Rajasthan

This is a typical folk dance with men and women singing and clapping while women adorn flowing and colorful skirts. This dance is mainly performed during religious gatherings to please the deities.

5. Bon Odori of Japan

Bon Odori of Japan

This is a dance form attributed to the festival celebrations called Obon. The festival lasts for three days during which most of the traditional dances are is performed to express gratitude to the ancestors for their sacrifices.

6. Hula Dancing of United States

Hula Dancing of United States

Initially performed for the amusement of high chiefs and to please the Gods, this dance form has altered over the years to become popular dancing for tourist attraction and entertainment.

7. Maypole Dance of England

Maypole Dance of England

This dance has two counterparts as the circle dance where dancers dressed in garlands dance around the pole and ribbon dance where dancers rave holding a ribbon which is attached to the pole.

8. Step Dance of Ireland

Step Dance of Ireland

Originated in the pre Christian era, this dance is performed today at St. Patrick’s Day all over the world.

9. Harlem Shake of NYC

Harlem Shake of NYC

Introduced in the 1980’s in Harlem, NYC, this dance form involves a lot of head and shoulder movement. Although it may seem a little fast and difficult at the beginning, people who wish to learn and practice this dance will surely fall in love as soon as they get a hang of it.

10. Haka of New Zealand

Haka of New Zealand

Historically this dance form was performed prior to the wars by the warriors to ward off the enemy but later it was popularized by the country’s rugby team. This dance form is all about stomping, chest thumping and chanting in complete unison. Thus it is one of the top 10 local dances around the world.

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