10 of the Best Airports in the World

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With the rise of air travel nowadays airports in the different corners of the globe have developed quite considerably. These days, airports look almost like five star hotels and have made the daily lives of passengers quite comfortable and easy. The airports in the developed countries of the world especially are of quite a high standard as are the ones in the West Asian destinations. If you want to know about 10 of the world’s best airports, you need to remember the following names in your mind.

1. Incheon International Airport

This airport is the largest in South Korea and touted as the best and also stands among the world’s busiest airports. This airport has been in the list of the best airports in the world for over 5 years. It is also the only airport in the whole world to receive a Five-Star rating. Apart from offering first-class services to all the passengers, the airport has private sleeping rooms, a spa, golf course, casino, ice skating rink and a museum that exhibits Korean art and culture.

Incheon International Airport

2. Singapore Changi Airport

This is the main airport in Singapore and also a major aviation hub in the whole of Southeast Asia. It operates more than 6000 weekly flights from 100 airlines and covers more than 200 destinations in 60 countries. The airport has three terminals and passengers can get to enjoy the Kinetic Rain installation at the first terminal created by ART+COM. Singapore is a common layover for people en route to a variety of places in Asia and the South Pacific and is located roughly 11 miles from downtown Singapore which makes it an accessible destination for those stuck on long layovers. If you are flying with Singapore Airlines, your layover will be taken into a whole new level with complimentary unlimited rides from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the Singapore Airlines Hop-on bus if you have the Singapore Stopover Holidays package  which includes hotels in Singapore, transfers, attractions.

Singapore Changi Airport

3. Heathrow Airport

The next in the list of the best airports in the world and one of the airports to receive the Airport Industry Awards is the London Heathrow Airport. Situated in the capital city of London, Heathrow is one of the largest airports in the United Kingdom and in the world. It receives flights to and from international destinations on a daily basis.

Heathrow Airport

4. Glasgow Airport

Located in Scotland, it receives domestic flights within the United Kingdom as well as from international destinations. It has two terminals.

Glasgow Airport

5. Frankfurt Airport

This is the largest airport in Europe. There are three terminals and the skyline can be used to navigate from one end of the airport to another.

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6. JFK International Airport

Also known as the Chicago airport, it receives flights from all over America and the world. It also acts as a transit point between other countries.

JFK International Airport

7. Paris International Airport

This airport benefits air passengers by providing them with excellent car rental facilities right upon their arrival. The airport has more than three terminals.

Paris International Airport

8. Bangalore International Airport

This is one among 10 of the world’s best airports and is gigantic in size. It looks like a shopping arcade and has more than ten shopping centers here.

Bangalore Airport

9. Dubai International Airport

This too is one among the 10 of the world’s best airports. It acts as a transit point between international destinations and also has its very own shopping complex.

Dubai International Airport

10. Doha International Airport

This is also an airport that is quite fancy and has tourists exploring it in amazement. There are restaurants and shops in the airport and various other means by which passengers can entertain themselves.

Doha International Airport

If you want to know about some of the world’s best airports, you need to remember the names that have been mentioned above. Given the advent of air travel, airports all of the world are now of a very high quality indeed. These are 10 of the world’s best airports simply because they have a lot to offer in terms of infrastructure.

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