10 Destinations to Enjoy in July

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Planning a holiday vacation usually depends on two factors – The amount of money one likes to spend on the vacation and the kind of vacation one desires. Depending on the two factors and the number of people willing to travel people choose their destinations to enjoy in July.

Mediterranean region

This is one of the most visited destinations in the world. It attracts over one-third of the world’s total tourism. The pleasant climate, breathtaking views, diverse culture, beautiful coastline, finest gastronomy and the rich history works greatly to woo visitors from all over the world. The area’s average maximum temperature being between 30-31° C and the sea temperature around 22° C and 28°C, July is the ideal month to visit this place.

Mediterranean region

South African Safari

In South Africa, the month of July is usually a winter month, but because it is a large country, stretching well into the tropics, the inland experiences a relatively “dry” season. This time around it is perfect for safari trips and whale watching.

South African Safari

Australian tropics

With a climate quite similar to South Africa, July is the right month to visit the northern parts of Australia. Sites to visit include Kakadu, Litchfield and Darwin national parks.

Australian tropics

Canary Islands, Spain

As far as the destinations to enjoy in July are concerned, Canary islands are one of the most favoured one among the European travellers. These islands are well-known for their beaches, aquatic sports, natural attractions and climate. The main islands here being Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Average daily temperature here is around 25°C, with the nights being at 17°C.

Canary Islands, Spain

Greek Islands

The country might be going through some fiscal crisis, but it is still a favourite among the travel-enthusiasts. Popular destinations here include Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Corfu.

Greek Islands


This place gets entry into any holiday list of the popular destinations to enjoy in July. Celebrities from all over choose this city to holiday during the summer months. Ideal destination for couples, families, clubbers and simply for those who just want to relax.



With some superb sloping sandy beaches, this is a great holiday destination for families. This place is well known all over for its traditional summer fests that draw a lot of visitors during these months.



The living costs may have risen a bit dramatically over the past few years here, but the country still continues to be a major holiday destination during the summer months, especially July. Self catering vacation choices come for less than £200 and inclusive offers coming under £300, the country of Turkey can be a worthwhile destination in a number of ways.



The warm climate and the Black Sea help in drawing a large number of visitors during the summer months. This is an excellent location to enjoy the summer activities and the vibrant nightlife.



An Egyptian summer holiday includes visit to the Red Sea, the Mediterranean coast and the Nile. Inclusive offers starts within £450 for a week near the Red Sea.

Egypt July

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