Some of the Best Wedding Anniversary Locations to Revive the Love

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Here is a short list of some wedding anniversary locations to celebrate the special day in the best way possible.

Going on a vacation or a short weekend trip is the most ideal thing, to celebrate an anniversary and revive the love. Those who are looking forward to celebrate their anniversary by going somewhere away from their homes, here are some wedding anniversary locations that will surely make you fall in love with your partner again. Do not worry if you are running a bit thrifty at this particular point of time as these are some of the cheapest locations where you can celebrate your day of love.

Wedding Anniversary Location

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

You can head over to Santo Domingo even with a dollar in your pockets. As the locale has some really good resorts all over, finding you an affordable package is like stealing candy from a baby. Santo Domingo is known as a lesser tourist location that permits the visitors to experience the city in their own way. And the tropical Sun will give you the Sun bath that you were longing for.

Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect wedding anniversary location for the adventurous couples

If the two of you think that you are mad about an adventure and you are ready to trade your luxury for hiking gear, then there is no better and affordable location than the Queenstown. This city, located in front of a lake, offers the tourists all the adventure sport that is available, starting from hiking, snowboarding, white-water rafting, skiing, and horseback riding. Queenstown can be a dream spot to commemorate your wedding anniversary. What else can a husband give to his adventure loving spouse than the gift of participating in the bungee jumping? In addition, newly married daredevil duos can participate in stomach flipping jet boat stunts. Taking rental cars in New Zealand can also provide you benefit, as most locals knows the best place to visit, when in New Zealand, you can talk to:

Sonoma, California is perfect for the parents to-be

Looking forward to commemorate the last of the romantic vacation, then this is by far the best location to spend your last days of freedom and sound sleep. Sonoma is well known for the Michelin starred bistros and is the spot for the famed vineyards. So, embracing the nature before the little one arrives will be a good idea. The resorts that are available here give a special and benefitting spa treatment to the expecting mothers. In addition they get all sorts treatments that are necessary in the final weeks before the arrival of the little one.

Paradise Islands, Bahamas for the parental couple

No matter if you are parents commemorating your anniversary with the young ones adds new color to the relationship as well as boosts the family union. Therefore, the best place to commemorate your anniversary is on the Paradise Islands of the Bahamas. This oasis beach wedding anniversary location will certainly give an adventure for you and your family that will last a lifetime. Snorkel in the lagoons, or swim with dolphins, let mom and dad take their turns on the golf course or just bask in the sun bath. Paradise Islands will give you the perfect adventure and the perfect tan.

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