10 of the Best Girls Getaways

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When you are a woman, there are times when you feel that you need to get away from the mundane aspects of daily life once in a while. The number of women travelers is on the rise these days. More and more women are becoming working professionals. This has resulted now in women feeling quite emancipated and going out for holidays and tours in large groups of their own. If you are looking to undertake a holiday with your girl friends any time soon, you need to know about the 10 best girls’ getaways.

1. Beverly Hills

Visiting Beverly Hills for a weekend getaway is certainly a good idea. Here you can get to witness the homes of the top Hollywood stars and shop at the finest stores.

Beverly Hills

2. Los Angeles

The beaches of Los Angeles are a perfect destination for women holiday goers. The night life here comprises of live performances as well as disco nights.

Los Angeles

3. New York

This is a place where you can shop till you drop. New York is home to the best malls and you can get to buy luxury goods here at the lowest prices.

New York

4. Colorado Springs

This is a fantastic destination to visit if you want to relax in the lap of nature. There are some amazing spa’s situated in the Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs

5. Sydney

The city of Sydney in Australia is a good getaway destination for women. You can witness an opera performance at the Opera House here and dine at the gourmet sea food restaurants by the Sydney Harbor.


6. London

All women travelers love to visit London. This is a truly diverse city. Apart from historical attractions like the Buckingham Palace, you can get to shop at world class shopping destinations such as the stores in Bond Street.


7. Paris

The French capital city of Paris is an ideal destination for women travelers around the world. Here you can go shopping at the Eifel Tower or visit the famous Louvre Museum for a cultural experience.

Eiffel Tower

8. Las Vegas

This is definitely one of the best getaways for girls in the world. Here you can partake in gambling activities in the casinos and also witness a number of amazing amusement parks.

Las Vegas

9. Orange County

The beautiful beaches of Orange County also make it one of the best girls’ getaways. The beaches are private and tranquil.

Orange County

10. Singapore

This is also one of the best getaways for girls as it has an abundance of shopping destinations. There are also amazing attractions such as aquatic parks and zoological gardens.


Thus, if you want to know about the best girls’ getaways, the above names must be taken into consideration by you.

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