Most Important Travel Trends for 2014

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Check out this list of most important travel trends for 2014 so that you can be sure how to plan your trip this season and what factors to keep in mind.

Growth of mobile devices

More and more customers are getting inclined towards mobile devices rather than a desktop for all their needs. The growth of mobile devices in the market is a clear indication of this fact. Gone are the times when people used mobiles only to communicate. These days, people make all the required internet searches through their mobiles. Hence, travel companies need to be sure that their websites are running well on mobiles. They should target the mobile consumers rather than focusing on other things this year.

Business class gets better

This year, a number of airlines need to make major changes in their business class seats. This is because more and more people travel in the business class and the lie-flat seats are becoming common in them. However, angle-flat seats are not liked by people. Airlines that still offer such kind of seats, for example, Air France, KLM, etc. need to make the required changes. On the other side, economy class is getting worsened because newer airplanes are being designed with lesser shoulder-level work space. Additionally, fares are increasing continuously.

Most Important Travel Trends for 2014

Mandatory hotel fees

In the year 2014, many of the hotels are thinking to impose mandatory hotel fees over the people who stay there. Moreover, the online travel agencies would display these fees on their websites, just like the rental-car rates.

Itinerary charges for package tour

Although no change has been made in the package tour recently, a major change is going to be made this year. Previously, destinations were uncertain and the travelers had to travel at their own risk. This is mainly because many countries are going through a period of violence, however, as soon as this is calmed down, the operators would return to the destinations soon. If you are one of those who want to travel to such places, you can now relieve yourself.

Non-credit payment systems

Payments through cards is not safe, however, most of the travel companies and hotels offer some discounts when you pay using cards instead of cash. But, you should avoid paying through the cards as much as possible because they might cost you a lot. And, gaining a small advantage might lead to a loss of so many protections.

This year would see many changes in the tourism industry. The upcoming travel trends would prove to be beneficial for one class of people while they might be unfavorable for another class. All in all it can become interesting no matter who is affected negatively and who is affected positively. So, once you have gone through the most important travel trends for 2014, plan your trip wisely.

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