Travel Safety Tips to Ensure a Safe Travel

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Modern amenities have gone a long way in making travelling risk free. Even in an alien country, you can just use the GPS tracker on your phone to get the route to follow rather than ask highwaymen who might mislead you. You can also chat on the fly and discuss the problems you are facing with a friend or relative who has been to that part of the country recently. In spite of all these modern amenities it is preferable to keep some travel safety tips in mind to ensure that you do not suffer from any mishap like burglary or worse during your trip.

Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips – Keep your valuables safe

Try not to pack any valuables you do not absolutely need on the trip as you will be forced to keep them out of your watch due to some unavoidable circumstances on the trip. If you are carrying valuables try to keep them with you at all times or stash them safely in the hotel room. Do not carry any expensive jewelry which you will not be sporting during the span of the trip. Leave your BlackBerry, iPhone or tablets behind if you do not plan to conduct any business transaction during the trip.

Carry as less cash as possible and resort to the use of traveler’s check instead of cash. Divide your valuables and traveler’s check in several compartments rather than keeping them in the same compartment. Consider other important travel safety tips like using belt pouches to store important documents or traveler’s cheques.

Travel safety tips – Necessary precautions

In order to avoid any hint of trouble you must be on your guard all the time and steer clear whenever you catch the scent of a problematic situation. Walk only on well lit main roads even if it means that you will have to walk an extra mile. Avoid places with high crime rates or scenes of recent unrest. Travel in pairs if you have the option and do not wear something flashy or overly exposing so as to not draw attention.

Even if you are lost do not exhibit your distress. If you are asking a stranger for direction, try not to discuss your tour itinerary or other details of your travel plans. Keeping these travel safety tips in mind will ensure that you do not get into a troublesome situation during your stay in an unknown location.

Do some research about the place before planning your visit

Before embarking on the trip, talk to someone who has been there already in the recent past. Discuss your itinerary and the hotels you plan to stay with him or her and leave a copy of your travel plans with the person. Stay in contact with your point of correspondence back home on a regular basis so that they will realize something is wrong as soon as you do not call for a day.

Other travel safety tips include familiarizing yourself with numbers and contacts of local police or law enforcers and carrying a pay phone card at all times so that you can make the call even if you are separated from the cash.

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