Simple Tips for Efficient Travel Packing

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Well- organized travel packing can either make or break your trip. Proper packing decreases the quantity of luggage you carry, conserves your money on luggage fees and saves you from waiting for bags at the luggage counter.

Efficient travel packing enables you to carry more things in less room to the destination safely. However, preparing pack for the travel is always the key. Many often goof up to carry the right stuff but with the tips below, you can be certain to pack the right stuff with minimum space and bags possible.

Travel PackingTravel packing ideas to carry fewer outfits

The fewer, the better! Yes, you read it right. The whole idea behind ‘packing light’ is to carry fewer clothes by managing to wear no more than two attires a day; one for the day and second as evening wear. Pack according to the destination you are travelling to. This will give you numerous wardrobe options for your vacation.

Pack complementing outfits plus shoes

Most travelers carry their entire wardrobe with matching pair of footwear and accessories. But the concept of right and proper travel packing is to complement your outfit by mix and match with suitable footwear and other accessories. Pack clothes that can be interchanged with other outfits. For instance, a pair of jeans can be paired with a top and jacket; a top can be worn with a skirt etc. Synchronize your shoes so that they can be worn on majority of outfits. This will give you room to stuff in other necessities.

Only necessities are required to make your travel packing efficient

The best of the proper travel tips is to carry right stuff since unwanted items occupy more space. Of course pack your toiletry but ladies, you do not need various compacts and lip gloss for a holiday. Pack only makeup essentials like the foundation, mascara, eyeliner, few lipstick shades, blush, complementing eye shadows and lip gloss. For hair, just a hair straightening machine or curling iron or alternatively two-in-one will be the best option.

Pack smart

Do not stuff everything into your suitcase. Pack clothes, shoes, and other space occupying items in your suitcase. But be certain to stuff in two pairs of clothes, toiletries, undergarments in your carry bag. This smart travel packing tip will do wonders in case you lose your luggage.

Light weighed wheeled suitcase

Wheeled suitcases are amazing to pack in and eliminate the need for lifting. You just have to pull it and you eliminate the risk of any back pain or neck strain. These large sized suitcases can accommodate large quantity of items without causing any damage.

In addition to these, it is always better to carry an extra plastic bag to put the dirty and used clothes into. This will aid you to maintain your clean outfits cleaner by not stuffing them with already worn clothes. And to avoid wrinkles to your clothes, roll them up instead of folding. This will prevent folding lines and actually saves space in your bag.

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