Top 10 Travel Photography Tips

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These days, a lot of professionals are coming with some great set of travel photography tips either through their website or sharing them on public forums. With the right tips being implemented every person can take great pictures themselves.

Travel Photography

1. Gear to include

Traveling light is the best possible option- one body, a chunk of memory cards, portable storage unit, a mini tripod (or if possible a Gorillapod), a compact camera, some important lenses, a flash unit and a durable bag where one can put them all.

2. Choosing the right lens

Picking the right lens plays a big part here so one should be careful at the time of selecting them. If the budget only allows one, then one should be going blindly for a fast zoom lens such as the 18-200mm or 28-300mm. If the space allows one more, then one can choose either a 50mm/85mm or 10-24mm or 70-200mm.

3. Getting up early

The golden hours of travel photography is the period between sunrise and sunset, but that depends entirely on their location. One should ensure to get up early so that they do not miss some great photography opportunities.

4. Doing the research

One should be learning as much as possible about the place they are about to travel and not leave everything to chance. The more the photographer knows about that particular place, the more “intelligent” their images will be.

5. Learning the craft

One should not be wasting their valuable traveling time by learning to operate their new camera, flash or lens. That needs to be done at home.

6. Saying “Hello”

The first and foremost thing one should learn is to day “Hello” or “Hi” in the local language, so as to greet the locals at the time of taking their photos.

7. Getting inspired

In order to get inspiration and a whole range of new ideas, one needs to watch the portfolio of other photographers or of those who have previously photographed that particular region.

8. Feeling the place

One of the most important travel photography tips would be feeling the place. It is not all about getting inspired visually. Travel photographers should follow a regular routine of trying the local food, paying attention to the local music and smelling the local markets.

9. Traveling slowly

If time permits, then it is always a better option to travel by bus or train rather than flying. This will also allow one to interact with the locals.

10. Not trying everything at once

It may sound weird but the reality is that one cannot cover everything on a single trip and on a limited time. Smarter option is to get a proper understanding of the place. Slowing things down will automatically enrich the quality of photographs.

Hence, there are more elements which contribute towards taking a great photograph. It doesn’t need one to be a specialist, but by just following a few simple travel photography tips amazing pictures could be captured.

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