How to Plan a Safari with Kids

The vast plains of the Savannah with its diverse wildlife and magnificent scenery can be quite breathtaking. There are very few vacations that trump the thrill of driving along the African plains in a four wheel drive surrounded by exotic flora and fauna. A safari is an ideal holiday for wholesome vacation fun, especially for the kids. But there are a couple of things on the checklist that you should go through before deciding to take your kids along on a Safari. Here’s how you plan a safari with your kids.

African Safari with Kids

How Old is Old Enough?

The first thing you should ask yourself is if your kids are old enough for a safari. Generally, kids of ages 8 and above should be comfortable in a safari. This is because a safari entails long spells of driving in the heat and can get somewhat uncomfortable at times. Very young kids tend to get more agitated when disrupted from their schedule. Also, since there is no barrier separating you from the wildlife, closely following the instruction is literally a matter of life and death. So, for safety’s sake, make sure your kids are mature enough to handle these conditions.

Planning Ahead

If you do plan to go ahead with the Safari, you ought to be well prepared for it. Make sure your kids have access to plenty of clean water since dehydration is a big factor. Carry some snacks so they don’t go hungry as well during the long journey. A change of clothes is also a handy option for emergency purposes. Remember to put safety first and carry a first aid kit irrespective of whether the tour operator has one or not.

Reliability of the Tour Operator

The quality of the tour guides and operators makes or breaks a safari. It’s not a good idea to compromise on the quality and reliability of the tour operator. If you want to ensure a kid-friendly, reliable and safe trip without missing out on any of the fun, you will inevitably have to spend a significant amount of money since quality safari tours do not come cheap.

Cultural Exchange

It is quite likely that your kids will meet the local children in Africa and have an opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences. Make sure that their meeting is supervised but don’t be overbearing at the same time. Let them have some fun. Carry some school supplies like crayons, craft supplies and paints to create some long lasting memories of this beautiful exchange of cultures. Also don’t forget your camera behind!

Safety First

Travelling to Africa does bring a small risk of exposure to communicable diseases like malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Make sure that you follow the instructions of the CDC before travelling and ensure that your kids are vaccinated and well prepared for the Dark Continent.

A safari with your kids can be an enthralling and unforgettable experience. But in order to ensure this, it is up to you to thoroughly plan your trip and take all the measures and precautions mentioned above. With these things in mind, you should be all set to go have some fun and take a walk on the wild side!

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