Fly or Drive? Fly-Drive

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Can’t decide on a mode of transport? A fast developing trend is the mode Fly-Drive by which any traveller can combine the two, as suggested by the name. This ever popular choice makes any holiday package practically endless with opportunity – to go from city breaks to nomadic beach explorations or from urban wineries to a jungle safari.

As a result of some of the best scenery and landscapes being out of major cities, it is a reasonable solution to both fly and drive during a holiday. It is an often popular choice when visiting America due to the vast desert and roving scenery, only reached by roads. By flying into the popular destination choices such as New York or San Francisco, travellers can see everything the city has to offer and then pick up a pre booked hire car after the visits to the main cities. From here cruise the coast in charge of the wheel and the itinerary.

fly drive holidays

The sheer size of countries such as America and Canada make it impossible to just fly in and out without seeing more of what they have to offer to the keen traveller. This is especially tempting for those who have more than just a week’s holiday to offer. Go for the ultimate dream movie roadtrip by flying into Chicago and then picking up that classic Mustang convertible to cruise down route 66. Or for something completely different fly into Atlanta to explore the Deep South, visiting Nashville, Mississippi and Alabama, playing Johnny Cash and Elvis along the way.

Booking through a travel company includes the fly drive holidays as a package which offer the best prices and discounts for airfare, not to mention links to car hire deals that will economise the holiday for the better. There is plenty of inspiration to be given from the experts at hand on where to go, there are more options than America for example South Africa and any bespoke packages. Booking through a travel agent also guarantees links from locals when you are travelling the other side of the world in case any questions arise, after all to be secure that all of the paperwork is taken care of it is more reliable in the hands of professionals.

The flexibility of fly-drive is the key to the industries success, as whatever takes personal precedent is what can be focused on for the traveller, and of course finding hidden gems that you could never have otherwise unearthed.

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