Exotic Egypt – Undiscovered Treasures and Top Resorts

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Whatever your image of the perfect Egypt holiday, whether you are looking to explore hidden treasures off the typical tourist track, or to relax in the luxury of red sea resorts, Egypt has something to offer every traveller. Check out these top destinations for the Egypt explorer.

The Resort – Sharm El Sheikh is the resort that gave The Red Sea the reputation of being one of the world’s premier diving destinations. Considered the cosmopolitan capital of the Sinai Peninsula, the resort features myriad hotels, restaurants and bars. For the traveller looking for the lap of luxury hotels in Sharm el Sheikh has it all, including easy access to the dessert with organised daytrips to the Coloured Canyon and beautiful stretches of coastline for boat trips and sun catching. The resort is also one of the cheapest place in the world to pick up a PADI qualification, and professional diving courses are offered at all the major hotels. Travelers can experience the resort in one of the many small boutique hotels that litter the area, or take an all-inclusive stay in one of the larger hotels, offered by many travel companies.

Exotic Egypt

The Cruise – For travellers wanting to experience all the famous Egyptian sites in comfort, a Nile Cruise is an excellent way to see Egypt. Cruises operate from Luxor to Aswan through the year. Choose a cruise that starts in Cairo and experience the Great Pyramid at Giza before heading south to visit the enormous pyramid of Maydom. Different cruises cover different sights, so make sure you research them thoroughly before you choose one to avoid missing out on something you really wanted to see. Cruise liners on The Nile are ‘floating hotels’ and as such options range from the basic to the extremely luxurious. Make sure that you choose a cruise liner that has in-cabin air conditioning for a comfortable vacation.

The Wild Card – For those wishing to get off the beaten track, away from the tourist trap attractions, the Siwa Oasis, Egypt’s most remote Oasis town, close to the Libyan border, is the perfect place to experience unaffected Egyptian culture. Siwans speak their own language and the town itself has a clear Berber culture with women still wearing traditional costumes. The town is renowned for its hot springs and natural beauty and is rife with its own historical attractions, albeit far less famous than the Sphinx or Pyramids. Visitors can visit the remains of the fortress of Shali, take a donkey trap to outlying sights and bathing places such as Fatnas Island, situated on the salt lake of Birket. Siwa is the perfect place to immerse oneself in traditional Egyptian culture.

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