A Guide to Surfing in Cornwall, UK

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A travel trip to Cornwall is believed to be incomplete without a surfing adventure as there are very few places in the world that enjoy the constant wind and miles of magnificent coastline that is present at Cornwall making it a surfer’s dream. Avid surfers planning their next surf trip here are sure to discover an unexpected travel gem that is known all over the world for its best and unspoilt coastlines with mild climate and excellent beaches. Known as the surf capitol of the UK, Cornwall’s stretch of the coast directly faces the Atlantic Ocean making it ideal to pick up a lot of swell.

Most of the inspiring coastline here is consistent almost all the year through. However, you need plan your surf trip well in advance and get to know the weather conditions that are here. Cornwall is ideal for amateur surfers as it is for the professionals. If you are waiting for glorious weather conditions with the perfect tides, September and October are the ideal months with warm waters. The place is also known for its pro-surf competitions that are considered to be the biggest in Europe.

A Guide to Surfing in Cornwall, UK

Surfing in Cornwall

Cementing its reputation, most of the beaches in the county are easily accessible through many of the hotels that provide wet suits and surfboards for keen surfers. Further to carry the boards easily, consider renting a van in Cornwall to avoid the inconvenience of transporting the surfing gear from the hotels to the beaches. People who are not ready for surfing might as well consider body boards or just sit on kayaks to enjoy the fun activities at the beaches. Another activity that you cannot miss in Cornwall is Paddle-boarding that is one of the fastest growing water sports. There are many hire centers that offer you just the right Paddleboards to show off some of your newly-learned skills.

For beginners, places like Watergate Bay can be ideal with their low tides. The place is also very near to Newquay which generally is crowded most of the times with surfers. There are also some canters here that teach surfing.

What you need to know before you go

If you want to avoid dreadful traffic on your way to Cornwall, it is always suggested to avoid points including Bristol, London and some northern points. Once you reach Cornwall and are all set to enjoy the best surfing experience ever, know that many of the beaches have dangerous rip currents around low tides. So swimming and surfing under guarded beaches and taking local advice is as important as enjoying the surf trip.

The place is also known for its rich heritage with internationally renowned sculptors, painters and potters. So try not to miss any of the rich experiences that the place has to offer when you are planning your next surf trip here.

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