Windstar Cruises Offers New Yacht and Voyage Collection

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Yacht style cruise leader Windstar Cruises freshly announces the arrival of its all-suite yacht Star Pride together with the Pride Voyage Collection for 2014.

The new voyages that are open from today for sale will include four new itineraries including the voyage across the Black Sea. All exclusive to Windstar’s all-suite yacht.

windstar cruises

The new yacht Star Pride will have nine unique voyages that will highlight many ports for the small ships all through the Mediterranean Seas and the French Riviera. Star Pride is all set to tuck into small harbors and tiny coves which others yachts dare to reach. The new voyage collection will feature many voyages starting from May 5 to October 21, 2014.

Windstar Cruises’ CEO Hans Birkholz stated that Windstar is delighted to welcome the all-suite yacht Star Pride to their existing fleet in 2014 Spring. He added that the news addition will enable Windstar Cruises to sail new routes including the new voyage, the Black Sea Tapestry.

Star Pride has a capacity to travel with 212 guests on board and is positioned to explore some of the legendary destinations of the world including the hidden harbors.

Exclusive voyages for the Star Pride in 2014 include: Black Sea Tapestry; Riviera Enchantment; Pride of the Aegean; and, Venetian Passageways.

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