U.S Rules Make it Difficult for International Travellers

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Due to major roadblocks, visitors are finding it hard to travel to Las Vegas. There are huge delays in visa approval process along with lines at borders which is stopping international tourists to spend their money on American travel.

Tourists are required to pay hundreds of dollars for travel visas and many consider that waiting for more than one hundred days for a few minutes of interview is definitely not worth it.

international tourists

Leading travel experts from U.S are putting in their best efforts to solve the problem so that just visiting the Las Vegas Strip does not prove to be such a hassle.

LA Convention & Visitors Authority President, Rossi Ralenkotter stated that travelling has been growing at a rapid rate throughout the world and the U.S is failing to grasp that opportunity. Apart from that, CEO of United States Travel Association, Roger Dow stated that more number of countries should be included in visa waiver program so that people who are willing to visit the U.S do not face any trouble.

Increasing number of Border Protection and Customs officers are required at airports and borders to process travellers. That is the reason why the country is employing an additional 3,400 officers to make the entire process go smoothly.

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