U.S. Issued Travel Warning for Iran

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The US Department of States has issued warning to the citizens of the U.S. and those of dual nationality regarding travel to Iran.

The State Department warned that departure from Iran may be difficult for people with dual nationality and recommended that all travellers be updated with the current media coverage.

It is reported that since 2009, Iran has delayed departure of several Iranian-American citizens and has imprisoned U.S. citizens on grounds of espionage and national security. However, Iranian authorities claim that the constitution of Iran considers people of dual nationality as only Iranian and that no American is imprisoned or detained unless strong evidence demands so.

U.S. Issued Travel Warning for Iran

Since the U.S. does not have consular and diplomatic affairs with Iran, Swiss Embassy in Tehran renders protective services on behalf of the U.S. However, since Iran does not recognise dual citizenship, it would not allow Swiss Embassy to function on behalf of the US.

The website of the State Department has uploaded detailed description of what it can and cannot do during a crisis. Besides, traveller and U.S. citizens are encouraged to enrol into Smart Traveller Enrolment Programme. U.S. citizens and travellers can find detailed information at the website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Facebook and Twitter.

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