Travelport Mobile Agent Now Available in Asia

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Travelport has announced that it will be launching its Mobile Agent software in different regions of Asia.

The agents across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines who are connected to Travelport will get the new platform named Galileo GDS to download the Travel Mobile Agent.

Travelport Mobile Agent

This agent is one of the key sources that help in modifying and getting access to bookings through android devices, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. From July 15th all the users in Asia who use Worldspan GDS will be getting access to this software.

This application has been successful across Middle East, America, Pacific Regions, Africa and Europe. It was first launched in the year 2012 and has been downloaded more than 19,000 times.

The response received from the users has been positive and almost all the users have been recommending this to all the professionals who are in this industry. One of the travel agent and users of this application Julia Leal from Australia said that she was able to access the bookings of her clients’ bookings from different parts while traveling. She feels that this job is a 24×7 service and an application like Travelport Mobile Agent really helps.

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