Travellers Expected to Spend Bigger On Independence Day Holiday

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It is expected that travellers are going to spend much more this Independence holiday starting from 4th of July according to reports from auto club AAA. New England travellers are expected to spend nearly $ 773 which is more than $ 638, the amount spent last year.

Apart from that, at least 1.2 million New Englanders are expected to travel fifty miles from their home according to public affair manager of AAA Connecticut, Mr. Aaron Kupec. However, this number has decreased by one percent mostly because of shorter holiday period.

Independence Day Holiday
Average gas price is $ 3.77 in Eastern Connecticut which has increased by fourteen cents per gallon within one year. AAA also predicts that 143,000 people are expected to travel through flights paying an average fee of near about $ 226. Nearly 40.8 million travellers from different parts of the nation are going to travel more than fifty miles from their home to spend their holidays. This number has also decreased by 0.8 percent from last year again mainly because of the holiday period being shorter. AAA has also come out with the prediction that 65 percent of travellers are going to eat out, 78 percent travellers are expected to visit relatives and friends, 41 percent will opt for shopping and 46 percent is expected to attend different entertainment affairs including craft fairs, festivals and fireworks.

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