Travel & Tourism Mart to Be Hosted by Seychelles in 2014

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Seychelles is expected to host a travel & tourism mart to promote regional tourism with members of IOR-ARC states in the year 2014 to give a boost to the industry.

The Tourism & Culture minister of Seychelles, Alain St. Ange along with Secretary General of IOR-ARC and others met in Mauritius recently to discuss the matter.

It has been confirmed by IOR-ARC that tourism ministers of its member states will obviously be a part of the mart to be organized in 2014 to discuss the expansion of tourism in the region and how to strengthen it.


It is expected that the mart will create new avenues that will also lead to the solidification and strengthening of the quest of Vanilla islands organisation to generate more growth and visibility in tourism.

The members of IOR-ARC are India, Australia, Iran, Indonesia, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius, Malaysia, Oman, Mozambique, South Africa, Singapore, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Thailand, Seychelles, Yemen and Bangladesh.

The Indian Ocean is considered to be an energy highway and trade corridor as it offers passage to huge number of crude and oil shipments along with international cargo carriers. Therefore, possibilities of expansion and tourism growth in this region are no doubt massive.

Tourism feasibility study is being conducted in the region by the association and the 2nd phase is expected to begin soon.

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