Third hotel opened by Shangri-La in Shanghai

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A new hotel has been opened in the heart of Shanghai by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. The luxury hotel group inaugurated this hotel on 29th June near Huangpu River. This area is one of the most glamorous and fashionable part of Shanghai. This hotel has 508 rooms and covers around 450,000 square metre areas. Jing An Shangri-La is said to be Shanghainese in nature and presents a good blend of traditional and modern culture. The CEO of Shangri-La was very impressed with this development and said that the guests will surely get to enjoy the heart warming and genuine hospitality of this hotel.

The Shangri-La hotels have been known for their hospitality and glamorous look. The Jing An Shangri-La also represents the trademark look of previous hotels and has a dramatic effect. Around four million crystals are used in the hotel and there are elegant chandeliers present over there. The crystals are also used to give good architectural effects and there are floating crystals that appear over Event Centre’s driveway. In all the Shangri-La hotels one of the most elegant aspects is the artistic design. The paintings and glasses used in these hotels give the hotel a unique look. There is free Wi-Fi facility over here and guests get a panoramic view of Shanghai.

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