Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines to Launch New Indian Carrier

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A deal between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines will introduce a full service airline (Indian) that will cater towards air travel local demand.

Fifty one percent share of this New Delhi based airline service will be owned by Tata Sons whereas fort nine percent will be subjected towards various regulatory approvals and Foreign Investment Promotion Board.

Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Chief Executive Goh Choon Pong stated that the airline had always faith in growth potential of the aviation sector of India and they are quite enthusiastic about their partnership with Tata Sons that will contribute towards future expansion of this market.

He also stated that the recent liberalisation has offered the right opportunity to provide customers with a full service airline travel.

On the other hand, Tata nominated chairman Prasad Menon stated that this new carrier would offer world class facilities to the customers to make their travel as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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