Snowden's Passport Revoked by US

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The U.S. has revoked the passport of Edward Snowden, the ex-government contractor, because of “felony arrest warrants”, as stated by Jen Psaki, State Department spokeswoman, who is travelling with John Kerry, Secretary of State, in India.

She said that persons who are facing felony charges should not be allowed further in their international travel, apart from taking necessary steps in returning him to the U.S. She also added that it was a routine revocation process and consistent with the regulations of the U.S. She made it clear that the revocation won’t be affecting the citizenship status of Snowden.


Snowden, who revealed sensational details of U.S.’s cyber espionage in Hong Kong, made his way to Russia en route to Ecuador, where he is seeking for asylum from the government.

A sea of journalists quizzed the bewildered and jet-lagged fellow passengers of Snowden, after he “failed” to make an appearance in the main terminal.

Snowden spent Sunday night in Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow and would be flying to Cuba on an Aeroflot flight on Monday, as was reported by some Russian news agencies.

The initial reports suggested that Snowden was planning to fly to Caracas, Venezuela but the Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino said that he was asked by Snowden that he plans to seek asylum in Quito and will be heading there instead.

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