Saudi Hotel Brands to Debut at Arabian Travel Market

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Frontel for Hospitality Inc. of Saudi Arabia is all set to make its debut at the Arabian Travel Market this month in a bid to expand their presence in the Middle East.

Rushdi Sherwani of Frontel for Hospitality Inc said that with the owner-operator of the recently renovated five-star hotel Western Alharithia in Madinah, the company is interested in becoming the operator of choice for developers and hotel owners across the region.

The company is also set to open three new hotels in the next two years accelerating development agenda for the region. It also witnessed growing interest from major markets like UAE, Iran and Yemen.

Saudi Hotel Brands to Debut at Arabian Travel Market

The company is also about to sign three properties in Pakistan on a franchise basis or as branded operator. The first one is Karachi’s tallest tower with a hotel as well as shopping mall. The second one is Karachi’s largest hotel in terms of number of rooms and the third one is at the industrial city Sialkot Pakistan.

The company also has to build Frontel Hotel Al-Baiya with 650 rooms in the city center with two towers having 10 storey each, with 6500 square meters of footprint affording a hotel space that is more than 65,000 square meters.

Rushdi Sherwani said that around 381000 new hotel rooms are anticipated to add by 2015, to Saudi Arabia’s existing inventory with 63 percent increase on 2010 statistics.

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