Ryanair Opens New Base at Krakow Airport, Poland

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Ryanair opened its second base at Krakow, Poland with 31 routes and two based aircrafts. This base delivers up to 1.6 million passengers a year and sustains 1600 on site jobs. Ryanair has invested more than $170 million in Krakow Airport.

Ryanair Opens New Base at Krakow Airport, Poland

Ryanair launched a 100,000 seat sale in entire European network starting from May, as a part of the opening of new Krakow base celebrations.

Robin Kiely of Ryanair said that Ryanair is delighted to open its second base at Krakow Airport in Poland which offers 31 low fare routes this summer without any fuel surcharges guaranteed including destinations like Barcelona, Milan and Paris. Customers and visitors can overcome the recession and escape the Wizzs huge fares and fuel surcharges.

According to Robin Kiely, Ryanairs 1.6 million travelers will maintain 1600 jobs at Krakow Airport and surrounding region.

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