Rakuten Travels to Expand Racco Reservation Service

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Rakuten Travels Inc., has today announced the expansion of its Racco Reservation Service starting 8th May 2013. The service includes international flights to its present domestic flight and hotel reservation services available for travel in Japan.

Rakuten Travels based on single traveler bookings estimates that 60% of the overseas travelers use Rakuten Travel for business. The company is expanding its services to meet the needs of these passengers. With the expansion of this service the businesses will be able to widely settle all payments for corporate international flight tickets while the Rakuten Travel will be having greater opportunities to process overseas hotel and accommodation bookings for more business travelers.

Rakuten Travels Inc

Racco was launched in Japan, in 2006 for domestic travel reservations. The number of corporate users increased year by year and now it is presently used by more than 10,000 companies. Approximately 27000 domestic hotels and accommodation providers have signed for the service from which around 24000 have accepted deferred payments for accommodation through direct billing system, with cashless checking out; business travelers need not worry about receipt management and reimbursement of payments.

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