Qantas and Queensland Join Together to Boost Tourism

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Qantas and Queensland government will be undertaking a joint marketing campaign to attract leisure and business travelers to the State.


The campaign worth of $400000 is to be rolled out in February and March by Tourism & Events Qantas and Queensland will be focusing on attracting visitors to Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast and Townsville.

Lyell Strambi, Qantas Domestic Chief Executive said that the airline is delighted to work with the Queensland Government and Tourism & Events Queensland. He also said that Qantas has started in Queensland 92 years ago and the airlines connection with the State has never been stronger.

Queensland had another tough summer with floods. This campaign opens these destinations for business. Qantas Domestic is in talks with the Queensland Government to promote beaches, restaurants, hotels, tourism attractions and business conference facilities in the State.

In addition to online advertising, TV and radio, Qantas launched sale to these destinations.

Qantas is featuring Queensland destinations as a part of in-flight entertainment and in-flight magazine, will be seen by millions of national and international passengers in the months of February and March.

Lyell Strambi also said that Qantas is the only domestic airline offering a meal and baggage check to all the passengers as a part of their fare, irrespective of time and class they are flying in.

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