Lebanon Travel Warning Renewed by UAE

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UAE has freshly renewed its travel warning to Lebanon on 12th May, 2013. The citizens of UAE have been asked not to travel to Lebanon as regional situation dangers persist in the region.

Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Emirates asked citizens holding regular, special or diplomatic passports to cancel all trips to Lebanese Republic as the present situation is quite unstable. Concerns over safety have forced the Foreign Affairs Ministry to take such a step.

travel warning

Diplomatic passport holders have to obtain approval from the ministry for limited period travel that too for emergency cases only. Those people who have regular passports will now be required to submit their statement in writing at airport that they are the ones responsible for their Lebanon stay.

It was around the same time in 2012 that Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE asked citizens not to travel to Lebanon. Even the ones stuck in Lebanon were asked not to depart as security situation was quite tense at that time.

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