July 4 travel figures showing a dip

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AAA estimates that the shorter holiday week will be compelling few area residents to come out of their homes and venture out a minimum of 50 miles with respect to the Fourth of July celebrations this year. Early forecasts are showing that almost 51000 residents of Luzerne and Columbia counties are heading out of their area by plane, automobile, train or bus. The travel industry is predicting a dip of around 0.7% that from last year. It is expected that nationally, the number is to drop by 0.8%.

Jenny M. Robinson, spokeswoman, AAA Mid-Atlantic was quoted in saying that for the industry, Independence Day is the busiest holiday during the summer period. Since this year it fell on a Thursday, the period came down to a standard 5-day holiday whereas it was a 6-day period last year.


Wednesday and Sunday is expected to be the busiest travel days, with as many as 1 out of every 3 travelers will be departing their respective areas on Wednesday and almost 40% will be returning Sunday.

As always, majority of the residents have chosen automobile as their mode of transport. 84% of the Wilkes-Barre travelers will be driving to their destination, whereas 7% will be flying. The remaining 9% will be travelling by train, bus etc.

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