In-flight Entertainment Extended in British Airways

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British Airways has rolled out the option of watching TV and movies on their services. The customers can watch TV or movies from the moment they board on the flight till the destination point.

Flights to Amman, Almaty, Baku, Beirut, Cairo and Tel Aviv are the latest to be benefited from the airline’s extended entertainment programme.

In-flight Entertainment Extended in British Airways

British Airways was the first UK airline to show TV shows and latest movies, last year.

Customers can enjoy up to an hour extra in flight entertainment on a five hour flight to Tel Aviv or Cairo.

The British Airways seven-strong fleet of long-haul Airbus A321s is built with two cabins. Customers can watch in-flight entertainment system on 15.5 inch screen travelling in Club World and 8.9 inch screen travelling in World Traveler.

British Airways Director of Brands and Customer Experience Frank Van der Post said that their customers like the in-flight entertainment programme very much so they are packing more programmes and films for their customers.

The in-flight entertainment extension is a part of $7.5 billion investment programmed by British Airways including refurnished cabins, better lounges and new aircrafts.

The in-flight entertainment starts on once the flight takes off following various announcements and turns off few minutes before the flight lands.

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