Cuisine Cruisin Offers Senior Citizens New Food & Travel Options

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The Charleston Parks and Recreation has come up with a new program created for Charleston residents for a new experience outside the city.

Cuisine Cruisin, a monthly program allows people in an age group of 55 and above, to go on a three-and-half hour trip to a unique restaurant.

Kim Wargo, Supervisor at the department, said that she wants to offer something to seniors so that they can socialize and go out of town as they can’t go on their own. She wants to give them a new opportunity to get out of the town, try new restaurants and see some sights.

The roundtrip costs only $5 per person excluding the cost of meals. The cost covers the travel expenses.

The lowest price for a roundtrip train journey from Mattoon to Champaign on the Amtrak costs $12, being for station to station but in this program the van takes people to and from the restaurant.

Wargo also said that the first trip on 6th February 2013 to Biaggis Ristorant Italiano in Champaign went smoothly. As of now people can join a 15 person limit program but more people result in superior traveling facilities.

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