Australian travellers warned ahead of their visit to Egypt

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Egypt bound Australians are being warned before they head to the African nation, as protesters in thousands thronged the gates of Cairo in demand of their President to step down. US, UK, New Zealand and Canada have also issued travel warnings as demonstrations sweep the streets of Egypt in huge numbers.

Bob Carr, Australian Foreign Minister, said that his office still lack evidence that the Australians are being targeted. But there are planned protests underway in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria and others. Reports also suggest that threats are coming from Islamic extremists against Coptic communities and churches.


Till now, 3 people have died including an American citizen in Alexandria, who was killed during a street demonstration. Australian Foreign Ministry has urged their countrymen in Egypt to avoid the North Sinoi region, as this is one of the most terror-prone areas in the country.

Carr warned his countrymen to be cautious and register with the embassy as soon as they reach Cairo and pay heed to the advices issued by the consular staff and authorities. He also urged the Egyptian military and police to exercise their powers appropriately before the protests prove fatal for the Australian tourists and visitors from other countries.

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