Air China Expanding for Travel Demand

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Air China Ltd., which is the biggest among the carriers in Asia based on market value, has made an announcement according to which it would add one hundred Airbus SAS planes in order to meet the rising travel demands across the region.

Air China has stated yesterday that the board has approved of the decision of the company to expand along with its other units. However, there is no word about the timeframe and neither about the kind of planes that should be bought.

The Boeing Co. had forecast in September that the carriers in China would require 5260 new planes in $670 billion within 2031. China ranks the topmost in the tourist numbers that overtakes Germany and the United States after the outbound trips were increased by 18% by the citizens last year in accordance with the China Tourism Academy based in Beijing.

Air China

David Wu, who leads the Credit Suisse AG analysts, has mentioned in the notes to the clients about the type of the planes to be purchased. It comprises ‘mainly’ of the ‘narrow-body A320’ planes for the ‘short-haul routes’.

It has also announced an early disposal of 6 A340 planes that are wide body, four engine jets the manufacturing of which was stopped due to less demand. The carrier having fleet of 301 planes towards the end of December would receive 113 planes within 2015.

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