Understanding Why Worldwide Travel Insurance Has Become a Must for Tourists

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As a traveler you can avail various types of insurance schemes but it is imperative that you opt for worldwide travel insurance.

Worldwide travel insurance is advisable even if you are not a frequent traveler. It is sold on a time basis which is valid up to a year and not based on any particular destination.

Worldwide Travel InsuranceComponents of Worldwide Travel Insurance Policy

International travel insurance covers three areas; first being the medical house which incorporates both the treatment of the cost and the related costs such as the to and fro journey after the traveler’s accident. Second coverage is the cancellation of holiday that typically covers only the specific and unavoidable reasons. Third coverage is protection to the traveler against the loss or robbery of money/belongings while in a foreign country.

Optional Benefits of Global Travel Insurance

Global travel insurance offers a great range of reimbursements in return for a higher premium such as accommodation during a delayed lengthy flight, indirect expenses from hospitalization such as covering the co-travelers expenses. It also covers any incidents met as part of your holiday activity like injuries during any adventure sports.


Majority of International travel insurance excludes injuries suffered by traveler during risky activities such as extreme sports and the claim suffered while swaying of drugs or alcohol. In many cases, the policy does not offer any coverage for pre-existing conditions i.e. the condition traveler was suffering at the time of taking the policy. Therefore, if you are already suffering from a recurring condition, then it is advisable to take proper precautions against the same. Also, do not try out drugs or alcohol in a new city as the effects can be disastrous.


Worldwide travel insurance covers only flights cancelled due to terrorism or specific events. Where most policies allow cancellation of departures within a specific period of time post attack in the relevant country, the time differs from policy to another. Generally, no policy accepts to cancel the trip just because the customer is frightened of the terrorist attack. Nevertheless, there are some international travel insurance policies that offer an additional benefit of “Cancel for Any Reason” that permit the traveler to cancel the flight.

Most global travel insurance policies offer travelers’ flexible days to travel, allowing them to choose an exact date to fly out without having the need to think twice about the cost of cancellation. The best way to buy worldwide travel insurance is by shopping around search engines by comparing prices and having knowledge about the coverage. This will eliminate middlemen giving you direct contact from the insurance company.

People who travel frequently on business deals or holiday often opt for this type of insurance. Since taking a travel insurance each time you abroad can be a troublesome and long-drawn process, people prefer to choose worldwide travel insurance. This not only covers the traveler for one trip but also multiple-trips within the span of the insurance.

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