Why Travel Insurance Is Necessary

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Travel Insurance

Traveling is all about fun and more about being yourself. But simple things like not having travel insurance can take the joy out of your trip and you may restrict your trip too. If you are traveling domestically or overseas, taking travel insurance is highly recommended as it provides a lot of protection from medical expenses to flight disruptions. Travel insurance is also must when you are leaving your home country but the insurance if already have does not cover for any emergencies overseas. Here are a few reasons to consider travel insurance.

Need for Travel Insurance

Many of us go on a holiday, but again very few of us take travel insurance. Falling sick abroad without any travel or health insurance could be the worst nightmare any traveler could have as it would be a huge financial burden and could take the fun out of the vacation. Check what type of cover you need and take the right insurance to make your trip stress-free.

Types of Cover

Travel insurance is actually a prerequisite for getting visas for some countries – especially countries with Schengen visa: Austria, France, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. The premium will differ depending upon your age, your travel destinations and the number of days you are going to stay there. If you are a student going overseas for college; you can be covered for the reimbursement of tuition fee and for any illnesses. But the tuition fee is reimbursed through travel insurance only where the studies are discontinued due to any illness or death of parent or themselves.

How to Choose a Travel Insurer

Choosing the insurance from the best or a renowned travel insurance provider is always recommended whether you are taking the insurance through a travel agent or directly. However, before signing up, ask the insurance provider in detail about their tie-ups with their overseas counterparts and to be safe and secure you can also double check the tie-ups with any calls or emails to their partners.

It’s Not Expensive

Travel insurance is not expensive. However, it again depends on your age, destination you are traveling and the period of stay. If you are traveling with family, ask the travel insurer for any family plans. Medical expenses for even minor health conditions are very high in some countries and some do not allow admission unless they have coverage. So it is recommended for everyone even if the trip is very short as the premium cost is very less compared to the expenses in any hospital.

Additional Benefits

Apart from covering your health while abroad, travel insurance also protects your valuables like cameras, laptops, etc. Depending upon the insurance you can claim money for missed connecting flights, loss of passport, if there is any delay of the checked-in baggage, and for flight cancellation. In some cases, insurance also covers you for any charges incurred for accommodation due to delay in your flight schedule or if you have missed the flight due to any accident. However, it is recommended to read the insurance policy completely and learn how to make the claims before leaving for your trip. Sometimes you don’t get to make legitimate claims just because you didn’t read the policy’s terms and conditions completely.

Having the right coverage for the trip is important. coverage for complete cancellation of the trip or any interruption in the trips should also be considered. There are many factors that might interrupt your trip such as weather, illness or any other medical emergencies. Having yourselves covered that you do not have to worry about the charges incurred in paying for the trip.

These little but important things could actually break or make your trip. So the next time you plan to go on a vacation with your friends or family, do not forget to take travel insurance for good.

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