Why Talking the Ferry to France is so Popular with UK Families

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France in summertime is a very popular family holiday destination for those in the UK with the promise of warm dry weather and sunshine, great family friendly beaches and delicious food and drink. But the best way to travel between the two countries is often subject to debate. Do you fly from your nearest airport, travel on the euro tunnel or do you take the ferry?

Travelling with children, especially with those under the age of five can often be difficult and so finding an easy, stress-free way to get to France and kick off your holiday smiling is important.

In this post, we take Brittany Ferries info-graphic (see below) and discuss why taking the ferry is such an attractive way for a family to travel to France from the UK rather than flying.

One of the biggest advantages of taking the ferry is there are no luggage restrictions. You can fill your family car boot space with luggage, load up a roof rack if needed and also bring along the family bikes.  Those important family items such as a pushchair, cot, buckets and spades are things that are difficult to take when travelling on a plane and usually incur excess baggage charges – not on a ferry, literally if it fits, you are good to go. Once you are there, you save money because there is no need for an expensive hire car along with expensive insurance options, children’s car seats and of course you will need to get used to driving something unfamiliar. You will have your own familiar car that you know and trust.  These small things alone can take a massive amount of stress away from day one of your family holiday.

Of course the ferry takes longer depending on your chosen route and vessel but you can walk around the ferry and even go outside on deck which children love, play on amusements, eat in the restaurants or get some sleep in a cabin if you wish. Changing a nappy for example is a whole lot easier on a ferry than in an airplane toilet! Also you don’t get free Wi-Fi on a plane either like you do on a ferry!

The fastest ferry to France from the UK is the Normandie Express from Portsmouth to Cherbourg which approximately 3 hours between mid May to mid September. There are also different cross channel ferry routes available to France from the UK.

So as a family travelling from UK to France and need further convincing that a ferry is right for you, take a look at this infographic from Brittany Ferries that compares ferry travel with plane travel and make up your own mind:
Why Talking the Ferry to France is so Popular with UK Families

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