Traveling with kids to Paris, très facile!

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Today I want to address more ideas for your family vacation. We travel to Paris to discover that this romantic city is also one of the best European cities to visit with children. You want to know more? You set sail for Paris, kids welcome! We built this article to give you all information about traveling to Paris with kids. There is simply so much to do!

1. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

It can be very legendary and classic, but do not forget: Disney is Disney and that moves mountains. It is the dream of every child and make no mistake, it is also of some adults. Going to this fantastic park is certainly a guarantee of surprise, excitement and happiness for the kids. Just by getting to the park it seems like time stops and you are in another dimension: The magic of Disney!

2. The City of Children

Or as they say in French: La Cite des Enfants. This place is amazing! It is considered as one of the top attractions in TripAdvisor and has many reviews, all good! This attraction features play, fun and learning. An ideal combination for our children. There are toys that are very interesting for children to explore and questions to be asked. It might be surprising that everything is in French, but that’s not an issue, the language of children is universal.

3. Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Located near the Latin Quarter, it is easy and simple to make a family walk up to this public garden worthy of a European capital like Paris. And what’s so special? The Jardin du Luxembourg has ships sailing for children, a puppet theater and the Garden of Roserie near l’Orangerie. In summer, this garden combines sand, grass, flowers and greenery so during summer it becomes also a place for the kids to play with water and have fun. It is very refreshing!

4. Garden des dunes et des vents

This magnificent park garden has waves created with earth in the shape of the wind, as the name suggests: vents and dunes. An ideal place for children up to 13 years recommended from age 2. In this park, children can play, have fun and be entertained with a variety of attractions that will test your balance and motor skills. This park was created by Devin and Catherine Isabelle Rannou and is an original space that evokes the sea.

5. Tour Paris by car

Tour Paris by car

If you are tired and want to spend a little more time at comfortable accommodations you can try apartments in Paris or what if you got in a family car? A friendly driver will tell you all about the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. An opportunity to discover Paris with your family in a fun, comfortable and original way.

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