Travel Tech: Top 3 Travel Gadgets

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As stimulating and relaxing as travelling can be, it isn’t without its strains and inconveniences along the way. We sometimes require gadgets to keep us occupied on holiday or simply some useful tools to ensure our trip can go as smooth as we’d like it to. With that in mind, we’ve found three essential holiday gadgets for every type of traveller.

The Tech Geek – Smartphone car holder (£10)

The Tech Geek - Smartphone car holder

If you want to book a car for hire on your trip, don’t set off without this handy in-car gadget. Universally designed to hold any Smartphone model and make, the holder can be easily adjusted to fit on any car dashboard or windscreen – giving you easy access to your phone for everything you’ll need while travelling i.e. looking up directions, local traffic info or just making a safe hands-free call to other members of your travel party. This is ideal if you don’t want to be burdened with a chunky Sat Nav throughout your visit.

The Sight seeker – Bike and motorcycle tyre inflator (£15.99)

The Sight seeker - Bike and motorcycle tyre inflator

If you prefer to do your sightseeing and general exploring by bike or moped then this is the perfect travel gadget for you. Biking abroad can mean travelling on all sorts of terrain and this can often result in a flat tyre from time to time. After attaching a small pump to your bike tyre valve, the battery-powered tyre inflator gets to work at the flick of a switch, allowing you to conserve your energy and hydration in the harsh holiday heat. At just 12cm in length, this ingenuous little time saver is hugely portable too and astonishingly cheap for its function.

The Bookworm – Amazon Kindle (£59)

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle remains a must-have gadget for holidaymakers of all ages. Gone are the days when you would debate over which book to pack on holiday or struggle to pack books into your travel bag altogether – the Kindle is a travelling bookworm’s saviour. Weighing less than a thin paperback book with a 1,400 book storage capacity, your handheld library can go wherever you go – beach towel, sun cream and all. Newer editions such as the Kindle Fire and Paper white have brighter backlights and even more powerful zoom functions to ensure travellers of all ages and eyesight strengths can read comfortably.

Versatile gadgets certainly make travelling a lot easier and can make us feel safe and secure in unfamiliar surroundings. Another effective way to ensure you can always travel with ease and peace of mind is to select a compatible insurance company before setting off.

Travelling can be a daunting prospect for many, particularly those with a medical condition who may not be aware of how or where they could be provided for in a foreign country. Fortunately, some insurance companies recognize and cater to such needs, providing comprehensive cover to a wide range of medical conditions including Cancer, Epilepsy and Diabetes. Speak to a travel insurance professional today and receive a quote that caters to your safety and comfort while abroad.

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