Top Beaches in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is a jewel in the shining crown of the Caribbean. For a long time it has been a favourite of travel writers and explorers and was even described as ‘heaven on Earth’ by the first Europeans to discover it. It appears most modern day American travellers would agree!


For many who have visited this island nation, the lasting memory is of its first-class beaches. Stretching as far as the eye can see, the beaches of the Dominican are an unforgettable mix of luxuriously golden sand with calm, cooling surf lapping away at the shoreline. Take a look at some of my picks for the top beaches in the country:

Playa Bavaro is located on the eastern coast of the country in the province of La Altagracia. Known by tourists as one of the most beautiful areas in the region, it is a popular yet inherently beautiful part of the world, where the beach stretches for over 20 miles along the coast. Its beaches have been used on postcards and posters for decades to advertise the incomparable beauty of the region, so it is definitely not one to miss out on! You’ll find no artificial sand or loud music, neither will you be hounded by people selling boat tours or diving trips, this beach is a place to kick back and relax in a setting reminiscent of paradise itself. There is a fantastic range of hotels and attractions in the province too, so make sure this place is on your to-do list, even if it’s not where you’re going to be staying in Dominican.

Los Corales is another very popular part of the country, with a huge number of condos and apartments situated right on this stretch of coast. Pick the right hotel or apartment for your vacation and you can literally open your door and step right out onto the golden sand. A true vacation in paradise.

Some people have described los Corales and its surrounding hotels, restaurants and bars as a little quieter than say, Playa Bavaro, so if you prefer a slower pace, then this is probably a good place for you. The beach, however, is a very popular part of the coastline because of how beautiful the shore is, so overall, los Corales is a great place to be based during your vacation.

The Playa del Cortecito beach in the Punta Cana part of the Dominican is truly a great place to visit. Very popular with families and those travelling with children, this particular playa is the site of some of the most tranquil sea in the Caribbean, perfect for swimming, snorkelling or just lounging in the surf. I would highly recommend!

Some of the beaches less touched by huge numbers of tourists include the Playa de Arena Blanca and the Playa de Arena Gorda, whilst they are still very popular resorts to head to, they have a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the beaches to your heart’s content. Playa Macao is another top tip you should look into for a quieter, more island-pace of life that the Caribbean is famed for.

Wherever you head to in the Dominican Republic, rest assured that the beach will be wide, clean and beautiful to look at! The country is one that prides itself on the appearance and quality of its coastal resorts that attract tourists back the nation year after year. If you’re looking for a vacation in the sun where the only thing you have to think about is which book to pick up or which cocktail to drink, I’d say the Dominican Republic is a pretty safe bet indeed.

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