Top 5 Royal Sites in the UK That Offer the Real British Feel

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UK has always been considered as the country of royalties. The palaces, gardens and other royal structures and spots can be found everywhere in the country. However, there are some places that should not be missed during a tour of the land. The top 5 royal sites in the UK are described below.

1. Buckingham Palace

It is both the London residence and office of the Queen. It is among the few royal palaces in the world that are still active. There are 775 rooms in the Buckingham Palace in total. Tourists are allowed to visit the extravagant State Rooms of Buckingham Palace during summer. Some of the finest treasures of the Royal Collection can be found inside these 19 State Rooms. Paintings by Canaletto, Rembrandt and Ruben are some of the treasures to mention.

Buckingham Palace

2. Hampton Court Palace

King Henry VIII is the most famous of all those resided in Hampton Court Palace. All of the six wives of King Henry VIII lived in this palace. One of the historic events that took place inside the palace was the King’s proposal to Jane Seymour, who thus became his 3rd wife. The Tudor Kitchen and 60 acres of beautiful garden with bush-maze are what interests the tourist most. Besides, costumed guides ensure that they bring history to life before the visitors.

Hampton Court Palace

3. Kensington Palace

Kensington Royal Palace is a historic Royal Palace with very intriguing features and facts. Stories and facts about Queen Victoria can be learnt from Victoria Revealed exhibition that is held in the palace. King’s State Apartments let people indulge in courtly games. Modern Royals is another kind of exhibition that highlights royal youths of the current and the previous century, while exhibiting Princess Diana’s dresses, etc. This innovative idea has been successful to recapture the attention of tourists.

Kensington Palace

4. Kew Palace

The daughter of King George II and later, the family of King George III lived in the Kew Palace which is located in the plush botanic garden. It was constructed in 1631 to be a private house for the King and his family and served the royal family from 1729 to 1818. Every Georgian feature of the palace has been preserved for the people to admire. Vibrant colours and beautiful rooms of Georgian era make the palace worth a visit.

Kew Palace

5. Tower of London

The tour of one of the top 5 royal sites in the UK in the company of Yeoman Warder would make the trip to the Tower of London memorable. During its 9 centuries of history, Tower of London has served as an arsenal, execution centre, jewel house, prison, royal palace and zoo. There is a lot to be discovered and learnt about the British Royalties in Tower of London. The view of the White Tower and royal beasts in the zoo make the place perfect for people of all ages.

Tower of London

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