Survival Guide for Flight Delays

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Flight delays have become a very common phenomenon now-a-days and it can be really annoying if one does not follows a survival guide in case of flight delays. They are some things to be prepared for while travelling by air and few techniques if followed can be helpful to a great extent.

Keeping a track about the flights

One should keep a track of the timings of the flight departures. One should also pay heed to the everyday weather reports. If anything unlikely comes out after analyzing the above two then that does not mean you will sit back at home. It is still advisable to travel to the airport at the proper time of checking in.

Knowing the rights

Another way of dealing with the flight delays is to keep oneself aware about the rights as a passenger of air. One should know about the particular entitlements that he/she will get on becoming a delayed air traveler in order to get the proper treatment and action. One should not mix the rights given to a passenger in case of a flight delay and flight cancelled as both of these situations are different and are needed to be handled differently.

Survival Guide for Flight Delays

There is a proper checklist of the services that should be legislatively provided by the airline companies if there is any flight cancellation or delay. The actions that are to be taken by the airline companies are decided by the Commissions of Air Passenger Rights. One can easily browse the web and have a look at the actions which must be taken for the passengers in case of any delays and cancellations so that is anything goes wrong then they will at least be able to know.

Entitlements offered at various conditions

Free meals and refreshments are provided to the passengers of the delayed flight and this depends upon the length of delay and flight distance. If any passenger wants then he/she can also make phone calls to their near and dear ones on order to depict the current status. Usually if the distance that is going to be travelled is 1500km and the delay caused is more than two hours then there is a protocol to serve meals and provides option to make free phone calls. If no other way is left then compensation is also offered to the passengers.

Similarly, the guidelines change if the distance and duration of delay increases. Usually delay of more than three hours entitles the passenger for phone calls meals and a compensation of 20%.  If the delay if more than four hours then the compensation amount along with other entitlements becomes 30%.

For longer delays (delays of more than four hours) overnight accommodation is also provided by the airlines company along with the transportation which is required in order to reach the place where accommodation has been arranged from the airport.

Even for making claims involved in various travel insurance issues, documents are required which are to be produced by the airline company involves all the details about tickets and delays so that they prove that the person making the claim was there in the flight. These are a few precautionary measures one can follow and can use as a survival guide for flight delays.

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