Some of the Best Travel Auction Sites

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The best travel auction sites out there are always coming out with some innovative ideas in making their customer’s trip a worthwhile adventure. The process associated with travel auction allows people to bid for airfare, travel packages and hotel stays. Travel discounts are offered via an auction format. The bidding process can take place on a particular day or over a couple of days. There are travel auction sites that are usually open, permitting the same user to bid multiple times.

Travel Auction Sites

In, one just needs to fill in the flight details that he or she is looking for (travel dates, preferred seat type, destination, class, airline name, one way or two way journey) and how flexible one really is with each option. The minimum finder’s fee is $29 that launches a contest between the registered finders to find the best possible price for one’s trip. This usually lasts for 1 or 3 days. After accepting a particular offer, the finder will be sending them a list of instructions on how they should proceed with their trip.

This site’s workings are exactly opposite to that of Instead of posting the trip and allowing experts to search the flights, looks at the cities its users are willing to travel to and then starts the ticket auction. The tickets are won by the highest bidder at the time of closing. comes with a number of benefits – the travel dates are flexible, holiday tickets can turn out to be a lot cheaper as it offers almost a year to complete their flight. No bidding fee is required here, so one can bid infinite number of times. Member-only auctions come with a yearly fee of $49.99.

Here, one can browse through thousands of daily auctions where one can find the most exclusive hotel accommodations and vacation packages at a price within one’s budget. The registration process is free, fast and secure. The travel details can be submitted once an auction is won, whereby the site will book the trip and confirm it. Majority of the auctions here start at $1, hence giving plentiful opportunities to save on the next trip. Also, one gets to earn free air miles on booking a flight.

The best travel auction sites offer their deals in the form of English auction style, Dutch auction style and buyout auction. In English auction, bid starts at its minimum point and increases accordingly with every bid. In Dutch auction, bidders present their highest bid to the auctioneers, who chooses whether to go with it or not. In buyout auction, cheap travel packages or discounted airfare are offered by the seller at a fixed price. Comparing the prices offered by different travel websites is no doubt a very popular practise, but taking one’s time in checking out the travel auction sites can prove to be a boon in disguise if done correctly.

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